The Government of Sierra Leone through the Commissioner of the National Commission for Social Action Sao-Kpato Hannah Isatta Max-Kyne, has indefinitely suspended payment to beneficiaries of the Second Phase of COVID-19 Emergency Cash Transfer.

This is according to a press release issued by the Commission…

It reads as follow;

Suspension of Targeting Enrolment and Payment of Potential Beneficiaries of the
Second Phase of Covid-19 Emergency Cash Transfer (ECT II)

To conform with the Covid-19 preventive regulations, the Commission hereby informs the public and potential beneficiaries that targeting, enrolment, and payment of the second phase of the Emergency Cash Transfer (ECT 1) have been suspended until further notice. The public would be duly informed on the next date of commencement.

It could be recalled that on Saturday 8 May 2021, the National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA), in partnership with the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (MLSS), the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs (MoCA), Freetown City Council, Traders Council, and other trade associations; announced the commencement of targeting, enrolment, and payment of potential beneficiaries of the second phase of the Covid-19 Emergency Cash Transfer (ECT).

To date, 37, 047 (Thirty-Seven Thousand and forty-Seven) beneficiaries have been targeted and enrolled. Rokel Commercial Bank has paid 32,342 (Thirty-Two Thousand, Three, and Forty-two) beneficiaries. Please be informed that we are committed to target and enroll the remaining 1,953 beneficiaries.

Kindly be cautioned that no one should offer or pay anything to anybody before, during,g and after receiving the payment. Any attempted extortion or corrupt practices must be reported to the ACC using the toll-free number 515 or directly to ACC Community Monitors or other ACC officials and NaCSA district staff.