The Republic of Guinea has taken the drastic measure of shutting its borders with neighboring Sierra Leone and other countries in the aftermath of a daring prison break.

On Saturday at 5 a.m., unidentified armed individuals stormed a prison in the capital city of Conakry, successfully liberating a former head of state and two additional inmates.

Reports from the BBC indicate that the city of Conakry was rattled by heavy gunfire as the situation unfolded. The armed assailants swiftly blocked access to the city center, leaving residents and authorities stunned. The streets of Conakry witnessed the presence of military vehicles, as they patrolled in response to the prison break.

It is worth noting that Guinea currently finds itself under military rule, part of a series of coups that have shaken several former French colonies across West and Central Africa over the past three years. The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), a regional bloc, has expressed its strong condemnation of these coups, underscoring the danger they pose to regional stability and security.

In light of the prison break and the ensuing turmoil, the Guinean Justice Minister, Charles Alphonse Wright, has confirmed the closure of the country’s borders. Additionally, a comprehensive search operation has been initiated to apprehend the escaped inmates and those responsible for the audacious prison break.

The situation continues to develop, and authorities are on high alert as they work to restore order and security in Guinea.