Social engineering among other forms of hacking has been the order of the day. In social engineering, an attacker will pretend to have come from a trusted source and requested your credentials for his personal gain. Today has been a bad day for All Stars President as cries for help his YouTube account has been hacked.

The All Stars Prezo took to his Twitter handle informing the public and fans that his YouTube account (Salone Fizclusive) has been hacked 8 days ago. He continued that he has tried to regain access toย  the channel but he was shot out each time he did, and that YouTube are yet to give him access.

Prezo Colabo alleged that his past work on the said YouTube account has been either partially or fully deleted. This he cried to fans and public for anyone with the skills to help him retrieve his account back to step in and help as he doesn’t want to start from crash making another YouTube channel.

Hey @TeamaYouTube account (Salone Fizclusive) ([email protected]) has been hacked 8 days ago. I have been trying to get access all this days still telling me the same thing. And someone has muted or deleted my videos. Please help” Colabo twitted

Within this year, Sierra Leonean celebrities have been facing problems loosing control of their social media platforms as a result of hackers. About 9 months ago, prominent Sierra Leonean blogger Hawanatu Konneh was kicked out of her blog page which had grown to 300K followers. Empress Pee was another of the victims that her official page was about a month ago used as a blog page for Chinese advertisment.

Colabo is the newly hacked victim of either social engineering or any other form of hacking in town. The YouTube channel presently has 4.73K followers.