The Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MOH) said they are investigating the death of child who fell from a two-stores building in Kenema.

The Ministry of Health assures the public that a thorough investigation is underway to determine the circumstances leading to the tragic incident,” MOH said.

According to the Ministry the child was brought to the Pediatric Triage Unit on September 15 as a result of injuries sustained from a fall from a two-storey building in the eastern city.

The Health Ministry said the investigation will look at potential lapses in “safety measures, building regulations or any other factor” that may have contributed to the child’s death.

Some inhabitants in the city are concerned over the safety of the children but the Ministry said the next step is to fix any issues to avoid another similar incident in the future.

Appropriate actions will be taken to rectify any shortcomings identified during the investigation process,” the Ministry said.

They said the said building was an unfinished house which was being used as a school. The Health Ministry said despite the swift response for medical officers at the hospital, they could not save the child.

Despite the swift and comprehensive medical attention provided by the dedicated medical professionals on the scene, the child succumbed to the injuries sustained during the fall,” they said.

Meanwhile, the Ministry urged parents to monitor their children while admonishing locals to be cautious of unfinished building or sites.