Soldiers in Sierra Leone have pledged to uphold the country’s security following an attack on the Military Barracks at Wilberforce in Freetown early this morning.

The attack, carried out by unidentified individuals, targeted the military armoury but was swiftly repelled by the nation’s Security Forces.

“We will clean this society,” declared soldiers to BBC Reporter Umaru Fofona, emphasizing their commitment to restoring peace and order. “We know what we’re up to. We are not after any ordinary civilians who should go about their normal business.”

The incident has prompted the imposition of a nationwide curfew, urging citizens to remain indoors. A combined force of Security Forces is currently engaged in a search operation to apprehend any remaining insurgents.

BBC Reporter Fofona encountered soldiers at Congo Cross, where he witnessed an armed police vehicle bearing bullet marks being overtaken by soldiers equipped with RPGs. The soldiers reassured Fofona and his colleague, Kelvin Xander Lewis, that they were in no danger.

The Sierra Leone government has expressed gratitude for the prompt and decisive action taken by the Security Forces in repelling the attack. Authorities are confident that the situation will be brought under control swiftly and effectively, ensuring the continued safety and security of the nation.