Four Housemates have won $1000 from Cribs International in the ongoing Housemates Reality TV show.

Housemate Salone reality TV show is organized by AYV and comprises of different partners and sponsors to help empowers youths in different careers.

Every day the housemates are given tasks to win either points or money from the chief of the house or from outside sponsors and partners.

Few weeks back, one of the sponsors, Cribs international gave the housemates a task, which is a beat to sing a music.

They were divided into four different teams.

The best was played in the house so that the housemates could rehearse the different songs they have written.

After a long period of time housemates were given the opportunity to perform their songs for the grand prize.

A two-day performance was held to detect the winning team.

The prize cribs promised the winners is $1000 and a an opportunity to premier the song if it worth it.

It takes two days to announce the winning team, which is the dancing chef team, comprising George Taylor, Almon Sall, Aminata Tejan Mansaray, and Yeanie H. Sundufu.