A special investigation committee set up by the governing APC Party to look into several complaints/allegations made against some senior party officials (including the elected Vice President Alhaji Chief Samuel Sam Sumana) led to the expulsion of the latter, VP Sam Sumana from the ruling party.

The witnesses that testified against the Honourable Vice President hail from his home district of Kono. They include Karamoh Kabba, Leonard Balogun Koroma, Diana Finda Konomanyi (Kabba) and Francis Penepani Gbondo.

All of them were, until 2012 closed political allies of VP Sam Sumana. How and why they all fell out with the Hon. Vice President can be found in their own statements to the special investigation committee headed by Alhaji Ibrahim Ben Kargbo, the Special Adviser to President Ernest Bai Koroma at State House.
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Part {1}
Hon. Karamoh Kabba
Hon. Karamoh Kabba appeared before the NAC instituted Investigation Committee on Monday, the 15th December 2014 and gave a detailed explanation of his complaint against the Hon. Vice President Chief Sam Sumana.

Hon. Karamoh Kabba supported his first person narrative with audio and video display and some internet abstracts to strengthen his allegations.

He started by thanking the Committee and the entire party for taking his matter so serious and for giving him the opportunity to give further explanation on the same as he narrated thus:
“On the 21st October 2014, a circular was passed amongst Konos in Sierra Leone and the Diaspora subject to address issue relating to the spate of violence in the district.

Kono has a very unique history in terms of its tribal mix, its economic potentials and political relevance to the APC party.

That is why when I returned to Sierra Leone in 2008 I visited the district while I was working in the office of Open Government Initiative (OGI).

Upon my visit, I realized that the party has very huge support in the district but that support was in deep conflict with the major stakeholders such as Paramount Chiefs, Religious Leaders etc.

I also realized that the youth had tremendous influence during the 2007 elections which is why I decided to pay keen attention in fighting to bridge the gap in order to kill the political divide among the Politicians to give more advantage to the APC in consolidating its gains in Kono.

I preached political tolerance and muster open support for people that do well in terms of changing the lives of the Kono People but some big Politicians were not happy for these developments.

I came to the APC to be an invaluable player and my wish to do my best to push our party forward. The 40% support of the party should be consolidated, that is why during the 2012 elections I launched the “72hrs vote for the next President” campaign in Kono which led to the massive vote for the party from the Madingo, Fula and the Kono People, notwithstanding the Northern Alliance is a very strong force for the party in Kono District.

I will say here without hesitation that the politics of Kono for far too long has been characterized by violence and for any violence perpetuated in Kono has to do with a clash between Vice President Sam Sumana and Diana but the truth as the perpetrators of violence in Kono are from the Vice President’s faction which is headed by Adamu Eze.

For your information, Vice President Sam Sumana has 103 cells of youth organizations under one umbrella organization called CYDO (Central Youth Development Organization) which is directly headed by Adamu; he can coordinate these groups with just a phone call to unleash any wrath on the Kono people.

I initiated the idea of the Global Conference to Aiah Senessie but at the time of the conference, they only invited the Vice President so I decided to log into the conference in disguise.

In the Vice President’s statement at the Global Conference Call Meeting, he accused me of ordering the arrest of innocent people including his sister following the Adamu Ebola rebellion or violence.

VP denied ordering the arrest and claimed he had not seen me for over six months.

Apart from the recent Adamu Ebola violence, I have records of violent events perpetrated by the Vice President in Kono; for instance, a land tussle between Madam Phebean Fengai and the Vice President, this was where Adamu, Mukay and KLM distributed machetes to youth to unleash violence in the Vice President’s house in Kono.

The attack against Musa Tarawally in early 2012 was a paid service by the Vice President.

The attack against the Minister of Education Hon. Minkailu Bah was also a paid service by the Vice President.

The attack against the APC Kono District Chairman was also orchestrated by the Hon. Vice President.

The Vice President has no respect for the traditional leaders in the district and he infuses hate messages against Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma as being selfish and he is someone that cares only for himself and not for the others.

I decided to detach from him because all his activities are over ambitious and dangerous, he is greedy, wicked and bloody to become the next President.

He is desperate and even threatening that if he is not giving the leadership, he will form his own party.

I am scared because the Vice President is very vindictive and he can do anything for power, if he can change his religion and present fake masters just to be a running mate in 2007, he can do anything to become President.

Perhaps that is why he is pursuing me even when I am doing my job.

Amidst all these attacks, the Police in Kono have played a very significant role in aiding all the violence either by not acting or by releasing suspects immediately they received a call from the Vice President.

Three AK 47 guns are missing and we are still to know their whereabouts.

That is why I would recommend that the whole Police structure in Kono should be transferred, that is from the LUC to the last Constable.

I have been a target of threat on phone, on the media and everywhere because I am doing my job as Deputy Minister of Political Affairs”.

I need protection.