US Ambassador Bryan David Hunt recently spoke at the Wake Up Sierra Leone program on AYV, shedding light on the imperative need to distinguish between the investigation and dialogue aspects of the agreement in the aftermath of the divergent trajectories they are following.

Ambassador Hunt underlined the ongoing judicial process aimed at identifying those responsible for the November 26th coup, emphasizing the essentiality of holding individuals accountable under Sierra Leonean law.

He underscored the commitment to justice, asserting that anyone involved in the events of that day should face legal consequences.

In a clear stance, Ambassador Hunt expressed his belief that the actions of November 26th do not accurately represent the overall position of the opposition. He emphasized the importance of keeping the investigation separate from the dialogue process, stating, “We keep the investigation separately from the dialogue agreements because the two things are very different subjectively.

Ambassador Hunt articulated that if individuals were involved in the events of November 26th, they did so in their own capacity and should be held individually responsible. Importantly, he cautioned against using the ongoing investigation as an excuse to stall or discontinue the crucial dialogue process. He stressed, “This is not an excuse from working away from dialogue agreements because there is a vast majority from the opposition and a vast majority from the government that are committed to seeing national unity prevail.

In his concluding remarks, Ambassador Hunt made a noteworthy point, asserting that organizations or political parties should not be unfairly pushed or held responsible for the actions of individuals on November 26th. He emphasized the need to differentiate between individual actions and collective responsibility, reinforcing the idea that the broader dialogue should continue unabated.

In addressing the delicate balance between accountability and dialogue, Ambassador Bryan David Hunt highlighted the nuanced approach required to navigate these complex issues, ensuring justice prevails without hindering the collaborative efforts towards national unity.