The Member of Parliament for Constituency 076, Hon. Ibrahim Aziz Bangura has partially blamed the Single Treasury Account for the lack of electricity supply in Lungi.

Hon. Ibrahim Aziz Bangura further revealed that funds are normally not prioritized for the purchase of fuel for the generator in Lungi because of other priority areas of the government. ‘For example, you cannot release funds for fuel when you need funds to pay salaries for teachers’ he emphasized. Hon. Aziz Bangura therefore believes ‘for subvented agencies like EDSA and EGTC ,there should be monies set aside’ to enable them ‘procure fuel … rather than going through … bereaucracries in getting funds to buy fuel’. This will give fair priorities to all sectors, he added.

Hon. Bangura emphasized that the lack of electricity in Lungi is ‘lack of fuel’. He added that they (himself and co., Hon. Abdul Kargbo of Constituency 077) have raised the electricity issue in Lungi ‘several’ times in the ‘well of parliament’ and also engaged other ‘relevant authorities’ outside parliament but their concerns have been falling on ‘deaf ears’. He added it has been frustrating but they would continue to raise the issue.

He revealed that as MPs, the electricity problem in Lungi is ‘close to our hearts’ as they have been receiving pressure from the people of Lungi; many of whom think that it is the MPs that are ‘not doing their work’. He said Hon. Abdul Kargbo is likely to raise the issue tomorrow (27th. May, 2022) ‘again’ in the well of parliament in the ongoing debate on the president’s speech.

He said two of the generators are faulty and government has shown little or no sign of repairing them.

Hon. Ibrahim Aziz Bangura was speaking  from Lome, Togo where he attended the West Africa Association of Public Account Committees (WAAPAC) conference.