Haroun Oluwole Zubairu has strongly dismissed the disinformation surrounding his medical qualification, thus, condemned it origin and its nocuous tendencies.

In his bid to become the Mayor of Freetown in the upcoming general election, Haroun Oluwole Zubairu has been a trail blazer, setting the path to transparency and accountability. In that regard, Mr Zubairu has been scrupulously open and assertive about his campaign; giving an exclusive insight of his life, which includes: family, career, opportunities and achievements.

To understand correctly, Mr Zubairu has never publicly or privately proclaimed himself as a medical Doctor, neither his media team nor his supporters. Mr Zubairu vehemently dismiss this rumor and remove every doubt or obscurity as this is not only false but also undignifying.

This misinformation is borne out of mistakes on the side of some people and reporters trying to convey the good messages of Haroun Zubairu. No harm or impersonation mean, but a mere mistake that we are now informing the public of.

Mr Zubairu in his message is making it abundantly clear that ‘he is a certified traveling Nurse and NOT a Doctor’. As a medical practitioner and a law-abiding citizen, he recognizes the damage such impersonation would cause and warns everyone to desist from referring to him as a ‘medical Doctor’. He notes the importance and the copious amounts of years dedicated to become a medical doctor and by any chance don’t want to take anything away from them.

Mr Zubairu continues to plea to every Sierra Leonean to put on facemask in public space, cough or sneeze in the elbow, wash your hands regularly, stay at least 5 feet apart and call 117 if you or your loved ones are ill. Let’s listen to the advice and recommendations of NaCOVERC and also be vaccinated.