Over what was few days ago considered a rumour on Monday 8th August 2022 as the planned start date of the 3 days sit at home strike by the citizens of this country, it has finally materialize as busy streets of Freetown and the highway to Waterloo are as empty as a shop after a big sale.

This rumour of strike reached the Sierra Leone Police and other key stakeholders of the country who discouraged the strike and consider it as illegal. This according to the Police is that, they have had no application to stage a strike and on their press warned Sierra Leoneans to deviate or disassociate themselves from the strike.

On the recent notice from the Sierra Leone Police on the planned demonstration, the SLP formed a formation and put AIGs and hardworking police officers on the guard operation named ‘Operation Calm Nation ‘.

Notwithstanding the press releases and the notices discouraging the strike actions, what is named People’s Party or Citizens being in power have gone on a days sit-at-home strike to demonstrate their disappointment and dissatisfaction over the happenings of the country in the New Direction government.

On of the busy highways in the Freetown – Waterloo community, is today seen so empty that it took over 30 minutes before a vehicle plied the street. This action of the citizens is geared for their voices to be heard and their cries looked into and problems resolved.