The Egyptian Ambassador to Sierra Leone, Maher Al-Mahdi Al-Sayed, has presented to the Minister of Information and Communication, Mohamed Rahman Swaray, two Egyptian telecom investors that have expressed interest in investing in the sector in the country.

Awoko reports that presentation happened in a meeting at the Egyptian Embassy in Freetown on Wednesday 4th August 2021.

During a visit by the Minister of Information and Communication, and the Egyptian Ambassador discussed investment opportunities, training and education programs Sierra Leoneans have been benefiting from, and the manner in which COVID-19 had negatively impacted those opportunities.

Ambassador Maher Al-Mahdi Al-Sayed, told the Information and Communication Minister, Swarray, that the training, courses and other opportunities that Egypt is offering to Sierra Leoneans are all on course but, COVID-19 has impacted the implementation of such activities.

The Minister of Information and Communication Mohamed Rahman Swaray, thanked the Egyptian Ambassador for his warm welcome and expressed his appreciations to the Egyptian government for their numerous support to the country.

The Minister Swaray said, Sierra Leone is peaceful and open to business noting, โ€œWe are open to genuine investments, that is the vision of the President. We have worked as a government to remove bottlenecks to encourage investments in all sectors that will result to a win-win situation,โ€ he reiterated.