It has been closed to six months since the CEO of Red Flag Muzik, Alhaji Amadu Bah popularly known as Boss La was arrested and sent to Pademba Road correctional facility on allegations of robbery. This event took place at the Leonco gas station at the Western part of Freetown.

Over what he considered as negligence from the entertainment industry and friends of Boss La, Ishmail Rappish Bah has today blew hot to the entertainment industry for not standing by their comrade, Boss La in time of need.

Rappish alleged that many comrades in the entertainment industry are happy to the current situation of Boss La. This backed up to the allegations that Boss La’s absence in the industry is probably giving limelight to other acts in the industry, as such, seem happy with the situation.

“His friends and entertainment industry feels like Boss La being away and locked up is their only time to shine” Ishmail Rappish Bah disclosed.

With anger and dismay to fans and celebrities in the industry, Rappish went on that even though they seem happy with the situation, the more they hold him down the more powerful he gets.

Rappish drew an instance to the previous 27 months Boss La was prisoned but bounced back to his fans and Sierra Leoneans with his tracks and won their hearts like he was never in jail.

Rappish in his conclusion alleged that Boss La by himself is the whole entertainment industry. The metrics he used to derived to such conclusions we don’t know but affirmed that his brother is the entertainment industry of Sierra Leone.

As a result of this allegation, Ishmail Rappish Bah mentioned that Boss La doesn’t even need the entertainment industry to fight his case in Court. Rappish later urged fans and supporters of the aforementioned act to be strong for Boss La as better days are on their way coming for Boss La and friends in prison.

When Boss La was arrested on June this year, there were reactions from fans and friends on social media. It was the intervention of the likes of Prezo Koroma, Zulaika, Don creek, Rahim Said amongst others that has landed them to Prison and currently facing trial at the High Court of Sierra Leone.

This bash from elder brother to Boss La, Ishmail Rappish Bah was as a result of the silence of the industry since the very onset of the accused was facing trial with friends. When the event took place many had the thoughts that the Industry including the Ambassador of Entertainment, Kao Denero would have become the front liners and help freed their comrade.

Even there was press from alleged to have come the office of the Ambassador of Entertainment, Kao Denero, fans and music loving fans are skeptical to how far the industry has helped in the Boss La and State saga.