“Ivory Coast CLSG WAPP Transmission Line to be Connected to Bumbuna Line in Few Weeks” – Strategic Communication Unit

According to reports, within a few week’s time, the CLSG WAPP Transmission Line will be connected to the Bumbuna Line, enabling the transmission of power generated from Ivory Coast to reach Freetown.

The Strategic Communication Unit under the Ministry of information and communication states that all that is left is to perfect the interconnection between the two sub stations in the north and Bumbuna.

This is how it is perfectly engineered. Power comes from Ivory coast to Liberia and from Liberia it is brought to Kenema. Tilorma in Kenema is basically the nerve center in Sierra Leone. Kenema then pushes power to Kono and the rest of the south east. The sub station in Kono is called Bikonghor,” they stated.

Bikonghor transfers power to the sub stations in the north that are currently hurriedly under construction.
The Unit noted that once these two sub stations are completed soon, they will be hooked up to the Bumbuna line which already has a connection to Freetown.

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However, there is a lot of work that is currently going on in Freetown and its environs in order for the infrastructure to be able to accept this heavy electricity load,” they added.

According Government’s spokesma, Keketoma Sandi, the World Bank supported some government of Sierra Leone’s initiated programs that has to do with the replacement of poles, transformers and high tension cables.

It is reported that work is rapidly going on at the moment and like Bo and Kenema, Freetown will soon see some ease in electricity generation and distribution.


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