Vice President of Sierra Leone, Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh has highlighted the crucial role of councilors across various regions in the country.

The induction ceremonies for elected officials have commenced, with the Vice President underscoring the significance of their contributions.

Speaking during the induction of the 5th council of the 2nd Republic of Sierra Leone in the eastern region on August 11th, 2023, Vice President Jalloh extended his congratulations to the elected SLcouncilorsors and Mayors.

He emphasized that these officials play a pivotal role in advancing the development agenda and upholding the President’s vision.

Vice President Jalloh urged each council to integrate the “Feed Salone” initiative into their daily operations, ensuring alignment with the President’s agenda.

He called for strong bonds between councils and the populace, as well as collaboration with traditional leaders.

Addressing council-related concerns, Vice President Jalloh advised mayors and chairmen to foster harmonious relationships with councilors to achieve shared goals.

He stressed the need to value and support councilors, highlighting their unique connection to the communities they serve.

Councilors hold a significant role as they maintain close ties with their constituents, making them invaluable assets to their communities. I urge mayors and chairmen to collaborate effectively with them,” Vice President Jalloh remarked.

Transparency and effective management of local revenue generation were also emphasized by Vice President Jalloh, as essential elements for sustainable development within councils.

He revealed plans to reward outstanding councils with prestigious awards, including the coveted presidential prize, a move aimed at motivating excellence.

Vice President Jalloh expressed satisfaction with the increased participation of women in the administration and governance of Sierra Leone, underscoring the positive impact on the country’s current trajectory.