Vice President of Sierra Leone, Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh has urged elected officials to uphold accountability and transparency in their roles.

He made this assertion in his resounding address during the inaugural ceremony of the newly elected Councillors of Freetown City and Waterloo District Councils.

Highlighting the significance of the occasion, Vice President Jalloh emphasized the pivotal role that councillors play as the foremost political representatives within local communities.

He underscored the government’s commitment to enhancing their working conditions and reiterated that their dedication to transparency and accountability would facilitate the realization of President Bio’s key manifesto goals during his second term.

Vice President Jalloh also directed the elected political leaders’ attention to the imperative of revenue mobilization in their respective councils.

He stressed the need for strategic revenue generation to support comprehensive council development, advising a cooperative approach that fosters productive relationships with market women and a harmonious collaboration with administrative staff.

Moreover, Vice President Jalloh outlined provisions within the revised Local Government Act and the Decentralization Policy, highlighting the inclusion of twenty percent representation from tribal and village heads in the western area councils. Although these representatives do not possess voting rights, their involvement aims to enrich the councils’ decision-making processes.

The Vice President called upon the assembled councilors to work in unity to drive development within their jurisdictions.

He commended the growing representation of women among the council members and encouraged them to perceive themselves as vital partners in advancing development agendas within the councils.