Proprietor of Universal Times Newspaper Editayo George Temple has petition housemates Salone Season 3 Hopeful  And julian Conteh Alias Julie Tombo And Aminata Mansaray Alias Lady Nata

The petition to the organizers of the House mates Salone Season 3  reveals that Owing to the fact that manners maketh man and education goes a long way, it is of essence that as organizers of the aforementioned reality tv show, ensure that code of ethics and standards are set and adhere to in a bid to enhance qualify control and viewers satisfaction.

The investigative journalist believes that Such a platform is not only about entertainment, but edutainment as well, so potential beneficiaries should make good use of the opportunity and exhibit their talents within the ambit of standards and best practices, so life after the confab will be meaningful and of added value to national development.

He further d organizers  attention to an ugly incident of misbehaveour and public nuisance displayed by both Juliet Tombo and Aminata Mansaray alias Lady Nata, aided and abated by their supporters, along Kroo Town Road and it environs.

He further revealed that to the dismay and disenchantment of passers bye, onlookers and residents among others. Abusive languages were rained at each other, water and urine allegedly splashed and stones pelted, thus led to the disruption of law and order in that part of the city on that faithful day.

He concluded that in a bid to maintain sanity, law and order before, during and after the show, it would be good if this matter will be thoroughly investigated and defaulter (s) punished or disqualified as the case may be, especially when tempers continue to be rising between both parties and have promised to attack each other in the house. Would you have to wait until the unexpected happens with both of them in the house or act on the premise of prevention as opposed to cure?.

He called on the organizers to please, investigate the aforementioned ugly incident and apportion penalties appropriately.