Addressing the 2021 Annual Conference of the Sierra Leone Bar Association in Bo city, on the theme; ‘The legal profession and the restoration of hope’ Vice President Dr Juldeh Jalloh underscored the concordance of the conference’s theme to popular expectations to consolidate our nascent democracy and to strengthen the rule of law as solid foundations to sustainable development.

The VP shared his perspectives on how the legal profession is vital to building a democratic state capable of delivering development to its people, building on the dissertations of previous speakers, including the Chief Justice.

VP Julden Jalloh stated that if there is any institution that is vital in the efforts to restore hope, consolidate and strengthen the rule of law and democracy, the legal profession is a strategic partner, if not the most important.

Engaging in legal and constitutional reforms, consolidating democracy and the rule of law and delivering development to our people is a continuous effort,” he said. “We have the responsibility to our people to sustain their hope to build a stable, democratic polity and I see the legal profession as a strategic partner, if not one of the most important vehicle to drive that hope.”

Before descending the dais, VP left an ultimate question to the conference: how do we situate the legal profession in explaining the democratic state rebuilding in Sierra Leone, and specifically, the role of the legal profession in the collapse and attempted reconstruction of the Sierra Leone state over the years – and not only the reconstruction of a problematic democratic state and society in Sierra Leone but sub-Saharan Africa so that they are better able to bring development
to their people.