The tremendous gains from the work of VP Juldeh Jalloh in the Northwest region, has placed the main opposition Party, APC, in insolation in a region, which they once claimed to be their stronghold. Since VP Juldeh Jalloh obtained the Position of Deputy Leader of SLPP, he has been in constant touch with the people of Northwest Region to ensure that vulnerable people in that part of the Country have their own rightful share of the National Cake.

The previous administration only introduced almost non-existent development processes, using an approach based on regionalism and tribalism but thankfully, the Northwest Region now know they have a Son whose aim is to see the region meaningfully contribute to and benefit from its agro potentials and embark on sustainable infrastructural development.

VP Juldeh Jalloh now commands great respect from both the rulers and the ruled in the Northwest region due to his humility and good human relationship. This has posed a big threat to APC stalwarts who hail from that Region.

By all indications, Northwest Region, a hub of APC activities before now, is undergoing a transformation, triggered by the influence of VP Juldeh Jalloh over prominent people within the region and President Bio’s unbiased approach to achieving an all-inclusive approach to governance, the appointment of Dr. Alpha Khan being a good example.

As the clock starts to tick towards the next elections, it is now vividly clear that the people of that region will massively cast their votes for SLPP come 2023 and smoke the APC out.