Ex-housemates Salone contestant, Juliet Konya Sesay alias Juku Jeks has denied being in a love relationship with former housemate, Paul Mbayo.

She made this disclosure during the Fanzone Show.

Fanzone is a TV show dedicated to hosting ex-housemates and delving into their journey in the house.

Juliet and Paul were seen as lovers in the house before Juliet was evicted.

Ever since Juliet was evicted, Paul has been constantly talking about her, claiming he loves jer more than his fiancee.

When asked by the show’s host about her relationship with Pau, Juliet denied being in love with him, saying that it was just a game.

The ex-housemates said that she is an actress, and she was only acting with Paul, in order to show people her acting skills.

She further said that she has a relationship before going into the house and her boyfriend understood that she was only playing games with Paul.

However, other ex-housemates that were together with them in the house, said they didn’t believe Juliet, alleging that what they saw back in the house was not nothing like a game.