United States based aspiring Housemate Salone season 3 contestant, Hassanatu Julie Conteh popularly known as Julie Tombo has left her last message for Bo Rangers striker, Musa Tombo before leaving for the United States.

In the video, the aspiring Housemate Salone contestant stated that Musa Tombo and herself ‘Julie Tombo’ equals Tombo, “Musa Tombo plus Julie Tombo equals Tombo”.

Julie Tombo arrived in Sierra Leone for Housemate Salone auditions which took place on the 13th March, 2022 at AYV. After the audition, the football star paid a visit to her at Krootown Road which sparked public reactions after he and his wife, Hawa bashed at her on social media for claiming Musa as her husband.

After releasing videos claiming Musa Tombo, Hawa responded to her that she is the legal of wife of Musa and she is the only Mr. Kamara to the football star.

Musa also released a video stating that he doesn’t know Julie and she is legally married. He warned her to stay away from him and added that he can’t marry a woman with six children.

As Julie is leaving for the United States, she left a powerful message for Musa stating that herself and him equals to Tombo.