Housemate Salone season 3 winner Juliana Conteh, popularly known as Julie Tombo has in a video on social media reacted to the Musa Tombo situation, stating that she will do whateverr it takes to help the troubled popular Footballer.

Julie started by stating that people have been asking questions as to why she hasn’t said anything about Musa’s situation, the yagba diva stated that this is because she doesn’t talk when everyone is talking but has to wait and observe before coming out to talk.

In the video Julie was seen wearing Musa’s Sierra Leone national team jersey, the exact one that was worn by Musa during the Afcon tournament, This she said is because she want people to know that no matter the condition of Musa she is ready to provide support to him, Julie adds that she is ready to support Musa mentally, Emotionally and financially.

The yagba Diva said she is ready to support Musa Because when no one knew her it was Musa’s strength that she relied on, adding that technically Musa is one of the people that made her who she is today.

“Sometimes the people you expect to support you emotionally will not be there when you need them,” she said.

She went on to state that she is going to start an initiative where she will organize a movement to galvanize support to help Musa’s situation

“Musa has so much it takes to give to Sierra Leone, I want to make sure Musa is stable so that he can be able to keep representing Sierra Leone” Julie states.

The yagba Diva discloses that she has spoken to people that are very close to Musa and they are willing to help out. Adding that the first step will be a float parade where people will have his jersey and T-shirt on so that Musa can see that he is Loved.

Julie said she doesn’t need to be related to Musa to help him, adding that she is doing this because she is a mother, sister, and someone’s wife-to-be. And also because Musa has people that are looking up to him.

“I’m joining fate with Hawa Tombo because she is Musa’s wife and will never judge her,” Julie said

Julie said she does not have much experience in marriage but she is rendering her advice to Hawa and want her to know that strong survived. And that now is the time she must rally around people to come together and help Musa’s situation.

She adds that she is ready to wrap hands around Hawa Tombo as a sister so they can work as a team in helping Musa’s Situation. Whilst also advising her to talk less and Listen more.

She ends by disclosing also that she is working on organizing a counseling session where people can have the chance to talk and express their feelings.

Adding that she is now trying to secure a ticket to get into Sierra Leone in December so she can start the movement to help Musa.