Popular Housemate Contender, Hassanatu Juliana Conteh( Julie Tombo) has revealed that after the housemate show she will travel to Nigeria to learn the art of barbing and how to make body cream.

She confirmed that she had spoken with Popular Blogger Hawanatu Konneh and a beautician lady to teach her how to do facial make up before departing to Nigeria.

Julie is a mother to six adorable children all residing with her in the United States of America. She’s contesting to win the most talked about reality show ever in Sierra Leone Housemates Salone Season 3.

As the drama continues to unfolds, this year in particular has had so much buzz and online hype it’s unbelievable and already has not gone without its own share of drama, saga, publicity stunts, complete madness compared to the other seasons.

Julie believes after acquiring all these skills she will be able to establish in America and provide good accommodation for his 6 children

This season has also been the most talked about reality show ever and one reason for that is mostly because of Julie. She is such a unique character that everyone who meets her wants to know her story