Over Kamarainba’s Bail Condition, IG Sovula Blames Master And Registrar of High Court

Nfagie Kabba, Deputy Leader of the Alliance Democratic Party, in an interview with the Times SL Newspaper, stated that the Inspector General of Police, Ambrose Sovula, has stated clearly that the Sierra Leone Police has no hands on the current state of the bail condition of Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray, Leader and Chairman of the (ADP) Party, and that the matter is in the hands of the Master and Registrar to approve the bail granted by the Judge and if there is any information that she needs to satisfy her in respect of the fire at Kamarainba’s Makeni resident, claimed by the accused, she has the right to formally request for the report from the police, but at the time of the engagement with the Deputy Leader, he has received no such request from her.

Nfagie said, he engaged IG Sovula on the said issue of Kamarainba’s continued detention since given bail on 7th September 2021 by the Honourable Judge, Justice Samuel Omodele Taylor, but that the Master and Registrar is refusing to approve the bai; conditions.

He stated that the Master and Registrar is imposing her own conditions which now supersedes the Judge’s decision. He stated that the bail condition given by the Judge clearly stated that Kamarainba should submit all his documents and his international passport, if any; these, Nfagie Kabba said, Kamarainba had produced, and only the International Passport was left out, which got burnt during a fire incident that took place at Kamarainba’s resident in Makeni, and a report was made at the Makeni Police Station then.

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He stated that Kamarainba’s legal team and family went to Makeni several times and engaged the police, just to access the report, but to no avail. “The Legal team wrote to the different Heads of Departments, but have still faced stiff resistance. This prompted me to personally go to the Inspector General of Police, Ambros Michael Sovula, to discuss with him on the said issue, and he told me that this is the first time, in all the decades of experience in the SLPP that a Master and Registrar needs the police report on the said issue, she will write formally to the IGP. We have communicated that to her, but she still refuses to do the needful, the police have acted in a professional manner, so we consider the whole thing as ploy by the Master and Registrar to refuse our leader bail”, Kabba said.

Kabba said Kamarainba has been continuing to struggle with his health since he was detained at Pademba Road Prison, which, he said, has been considered as a Human and Constitutional Rights violation of a citizen of Sierra Leone.

He furthered that the ADP Party will continue to engage all authorities in governance to secure the release of Kamarainba.

He stated that the Correctional Center should still know that Kamarainba is in their hands and his health condition is deteriorating by the day.

The issue of Kamarainba has serious concerns from the public, to the extent that a date has been set by a Coalition of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and some members of the public for a peaceful protest in the country.

The Leader and Chairman of the Alliance Democratic Party was arrested in August 2020, for alleged sexual penetration, and since then he has been remanded at the Correctional Centre in Freetown.


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