The attorney representing the presidential candidate of the Main Opposition APC party’s Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara (JFK) has issued a reply to the recent petition lodged against his client, Dr. Samura Kamara.

In a tweet, JFK acknowledges the submission of a Motion to the Supreme Court, claiming to challenge the candidacy of Dr. Samura Kamara in the APC party. He assures that the document is currently under review, and an appropriate response will be provided in due course.

Furthermore, JFK asserts that, according to legal provisions, the nomination of Dr. Samura Kamara remains unaffected. He dismisses the petition as an attempt to cause trouble and refers to it as mere mischief.

His Tweet reads as follows:

“We are in receipt of a Motion filed with the Supreme Court, purportedly objecting to APC Presidential candidate Dr Samura Kamara. It is being reviewed & response will be delivered accordingly. By law, the nomination remains unaffected. Mischief is the scent of the candle.”