The Entertainment and investment Ambassador Dennis Amara Turay, popularly known as Kao Denero has in a post on social media called on entertainers to be leaders.

In the wake of a faceless Demonstration that led to the loss of lives from both the youths and security personnel, social media has been awash with all kinds of messages and rumors, the entertainment Ambassador has taken the lead to advise entertainers not to be a follower of political manipulation but to take the lead in advocating against Lawlessness.

His full post reads

Ambassador Kaolastkingdenero called on entertainers 

Be a leader

Not a follower of political manipulation.

Ask questions about the intentions of

whoever is appealing to you to disrupt the peace of any land.

If you beg me to jump, you be the first to jump this jump then I will jump right behind you.

I will take this time to appeal to all my entertainment partners at this moment to take the lead in advocating against lawlessness, destruction, and instability.
Let’s keep the peace
Thank you