Kao Denro has call on Entertainers to be a registered member through the office of the Entertainment Ambassador in the forth coming Entertainment Registration Process.

Sierra Leone’s Ambassador of entertainment and investment Amara Dennis Turay popularly know as Kao Denero has made a clarion call for all entertainers to register and become a registered member during the National Entertainment Registration process that will kick off soon, a process which he said to be an initiative to protect and serve the welfare of entertainers globally and Locally

In a post on his facebook page, kao Denero said throughout the years for as long as he can remember,entertainers has been in situations where they get sick with no collective assistance,

He furthrred that Sometimes they find themselves in legal predicament with also not a cohesive support system.

“One cannot stress the importance of a system created and supported by us to serve and protect us” he said

The Ambassador went on to stressed that to all Artist Djs, Actors, directors, producers, Models, Bloggers, Managers, Producers, Comedians etc etc. its now time to be a registered entertainer through the office of The entertainment and Investment Ambassador .

He state also that more details and how to register will be communicated.