Following to many allegations levied on the Amb. of Entertainment, Kao Denero over sleeping with a friend to Delma Amled Vaqyo stage named Del Vaqyo, Kao has today reacted to such allegations.

Few days ago Kao departed to Istanbul, Turkey on his international trip to promote Sierra Leone Music to the outside with other Sierra Leonean artiste. According to the ambassador of Entertainment, Kao Denero, he stated on one of his videos that his Istanbul move with other Sierra Leonean entertainers was a bid to foster peace and solidify the foundations of western Africa’s nations Entertainment sector.

The trip was successful as there was a massive turnouts from fans of the celebrities that made the show a one of it kind.

However, before Kao departed to New York City, America, social media burst with rumours of how the ambassador has taken advantage of his office and slept with the friend of Del Vaqyo named Naomi.

As the rumours fly here and there, Kao Denero took to his official Facebook page and disclosed the truth behind the so called rumours and allegations.

Oooh salone

I can’t believe this people will accuse me of sleeping with someone I consider to be a sister.

Someone that just has the urge to help promote sierra leone artistry.

A decent lady, as the entertainment ambassador I honestly need different independent people like this to partner with as they help create the platform for our young industry to thrive.

Why do you guys want to all of sudden kill her spirit already ?

Everyman has his limit,and mine is to never go that low to sleep with my child’s mother’s friend.

Peace” Kao posted.

In the mind’s eye of the ambassador, the allegations are all fake and that he will not do no such thing alleged to him. He added that Naomi is among the type of people that he needed to improve the industry one way or the other, and not the other way they are thinking.