The Ambassador of entertainment and Investment Amara Denis Turay popularly known as Kao Denero has on a live video disclosed his actions as an ambassador behind the scenes as an ambassador on the state and Boss Saga.

Since the arrest of Boss La on charges of assault and robbery, the rapper has been in police custody for months. He has over the past weeks appear about 13th times in court and yet to face final trial. Initially when this started, bloggers, Sierra Leoneans were dissatisfied over the actions of the police shaving the hair of Boss LA and Friends and entertainers that paid visit at the Benghazi OSD headquarters in Freetown.

This fight for Boss La has been ongoing for months and yet to conclude. A month ago, Ambassador Kao Denero released a press from the office of the ambassador on the said event of entertainers being shaved. After this press, Sierra Leoneans have been questioning the work of the ambassador to this case. This is because, being an ambassador of entertainment has more to do like providing protection for each entertainer in the industry. The ambassador is the link that bride entertainers and the government.

Responding to the questions asked by Sierra Leoneans, Kao Denero has on a live video disclosed his actions behind the scene in joining the fight to free Boss La. According to Kao, he has written letters to the President of Sierra Leone, Maada Bio and vice president Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh pleading appealing on behalf of Boss LA’s.

“…and I showed him things have been going behind the scene, a letter I wrote to the President and Vice president appealing on behalf of LAJ and other entertainers…” Ambassador Kao disclosed.

He furthered that, he has had a successful meeting with the head of of the Fula progressive union in Georgia, America on actions plans to help the fight for Boss LA’s Freedom.