Ambassador of Sierra Leone entertainment, Amara Denis Turay popularly known as Koa Denero has yesterday released a press statement expressing his dismay and condemned the police brutality of colleague entertainers.

Following on the arrest of popular rapper Boss LA who was stopped in the Eastern part of Freetown and taken to OSD headquarters, Benghazi. Rumors came out that were later confirmed that, detainees in Benghazi were brutalize to the extent of losing their hair. Among them were, Boss La, Don Creeq, Rahim Sahid, Zulaikatu etc. Boss LA, Don creek, Rahim Sahid and Prezo Koroma among others were barbed/shaved improperly in the name of authorities claiming it is a policy of the center.

On Friday last week 17th June 2022, 6 of the arrested victims from Benghazi were taken to Pademba correctional center. Reaching to this point, it became an urge for the Ambassador to make a press release to explain his disappointments and condemned the actions of the force we had known to be a force for good.

On his press statement, it reads:

“As someone who has been a past victim of police intimidation in Sierra Leone countless times in the past,the first expected action from the police on the LAJ matter was an immediate and accurate update or a very detailed press release from our police authorities.

Today we’ve all been informed that the brother LAJ and other members of the entertainment industry have been wrongfully treated with total cruelty.
Personally I myself as the entertainment Ambassador will publicly condemn such barbaric actions perpetuated towards my colleagues.

This is unacceptable and totally out of place.

Everyone’s civil human rights are to be protected on every investigation or occasion regardless of the said crime being investigated.

As an entity, we are appealing to the authorities to please do a constructive investigation on police misconduct and abuse of police power.
As an industry we will speak with one voice and continue to advocate against police brutality and misconduct.
May God bless us all and may the facts be brought to light as things unfold.

God bless us all.”