A man by nature has to hustle and bustle to feed and take care of his home. As the ambassador of Entertainment Kao Denero travelled to Istanbul Turkey for his October show this past weekend, it is alleged that Del Vaqyo has found another lover in his absence.

The truth to the allegation is yet to be confirmed by Delma Amled Vaqyo whether it is true or false but there are claims by many Sierra Leoneans that, Del Vaqyo was once the fiancee of PM the player, a former act of Black Leo label. This has made some fans to think that it is pay back time for Kao.

Taking you to memory lane about a year ago, Del Vaqyo had controversies with her marital status with Kao Denero which the two couples were at the brink of divorce. After several talks and discussions to bring the two couples together, we meant to know later on that there has been peace between them. Since then Koa has been living in the US with his wife, Delma Amled Vaqyo and his daughter. He hardly travels until this Istanbul Turkey show this October.

With rumours cycling the web, fans of the celebrities are perplexed if the allegation is true. This is because, Kao has never left the US after his reunion with his family until his Istanbul, Turkey show this weekend. This has made fans to calculate the possibility of the allegations to be untrue.

As it’s now, there is only one person to disclaim the allegation on her. As we await Delma’s reaction, we are yet to find out the truth to the matter.

Long time now…bo na d ambassador rush go US n beg in married woman after d lady put him under pressure concerning dem kid…These are the reasons y the Amb don go stay na USA for so long n nor kam salone yet pass way e go turkey so.😆😆😆Go na AMB in page n check out in posts like 3 or 4 months back and see say it was

All about stress” a fan commented on the said allegation.