In a remarkable development for the people of Kambia, Kandeh Yumkella, the leader of the National Grand Coalition Party, testified to witnessing the delivery of two power generators to the district.

This significant event, facilitated by the Government of Sierra Leone, marks a major step forward in ensuring access to electricity for the people of Kambia.

Kandeh Yumkella, known for his proactive approach in advocating for improved services for his constituents, expressed his gratitude towards President Bio and the Minister of Energy, Kanja Sesay, for their prompt intervention.

The delivery of these power generators opens the doors for Kambia to finally enjoy reliable electricity, an amenity that has been scarce in the region for over three decades.

Addressing the occasion, Kandeh Yumkella stated, “Today, I witnessed the delivery of two power generators to Kambia. According to the paramount chief, these are the first in over 30 years. Industrialisation and entrepreneurship are next.”

His remarks highlighted the positive ripple effects this development is expected to have on the district, propelling economic growth and fostering opportunities for local businesses.

The people of Kambia District, elated by this long-awaited progress, express their heartfelt appreciation to President Bio and Minister Kanja Sesay for their visionary leadership and dedication to addressing the pressing needs of the region. With improved access to electricity, residents are optimistic about the future, envisioning a transformative impact on various sectors, including education, healthcare, and commerce.