One of the presidential aspirants of the main opposition party, the All People’s Congress (APC), Dr. Richard Konteh has raised concern over High Court injunction slammed on the party’s National Delegates Conference slated for 17 – 19 February 2023.

On Wednesday 15 February 2023, the Court announced that all activities of the party have been put on hold after some aggrieved members of party compalined of irregularities during their recently conducted  lower-level election.

Reacting on Twitter, Dr. Konteh stated that Sierra Leone will never cease to amaze him and asked what APC expects to do with many court injunctions.

“Sierra Leone never ceases to amaze me. What is the APC now expected to do. If you comply with this new injunction and refuse to obey the first order, you could be held in contempt of that order. If you do not comply …..hmmmmmmm. Oh Salone,” he bemoaned.

The APC was all set to conduct its National Delegates Conference in Makeni on the 17th to 19th of February 2023 when Justice Hannah Bonnie slam an injunction on the party and will give her ruling on the 23rd of February 2023.