Housemate Salone  season 3 contestant  Edward wright popularly known as Kontri Boss has disclosed the reason for the fall of one-time popular music label Kallbox Records

During a conversation with fellow housemates, he confirms that kallboxx was a musical record jointly owned by Mohamed Kallon And DJ Boxx.

He also revealed that there was a particular time when the Record Label had a musical show in the provinces and adds that Mohamed Kallon had to take care of the transportation, feeding, and hotel expenses.

He further revealed that after the successful show,  the musicians under the label misbehave as a result of the proceeds of the show and Kallon had to order for the money to be given to them.

According to Kontri Boss,  the bag of money exceeds over 100 million leones

He confirms that after the said incident Mohamed Kallon and DJ Boxx became discouraged  to continue with the Charity record label

However, in a popular interview on YouTube , DJ Boxx had revealed that he quit Kallbox Records because he thinks he is done with Charity work it’s  time for Business. And it was how he created his own record call Boxx Production.

DJ Boxx further revealed that they created KallBoxx Records basically to help out struggling Artists who couldn’t afford studio fees. He confirms that the record label was like a charity.

In the said interview, he further revealed that Mohamed Kallon is the brain behind the formation of KallBoxx Records. He describes him as a soccer player who knows Sierra Leone music and has always help whatever way he can..

He added that the name KallBoxx stem from Kall which stands for Kallon and Boxx goes for him so they created KallBoxx