Prominent Sierra Leonean entertainment journalist, Prezo koroma has accused popular rapper and Ambassador of Sierra Leone Entertainment Industry, Kao Denero of using his politics to cover up for his failure.

Koroma made this accusation in response to the rapper’s live Facebook video yesterday, where he reacted to the twin issues of Boss LA and the inclusion of his daughter into an entertainment list.

In his statement, shared on social media, Koroma said that Kao Denero is using politics as excuse for his failure.

‘’ Kao Denerao is using politics as excuse for his failure. He wants to hide under politics, for the one who gave him job as well as his followers will be confortable of his failure with regards to his office when he used negative propaganda. I maintain living by the truth, my being to Pademba road, will not stop me from saying the truth when I have come out. Going to Pademba road has made me stronger and fearless,’’ he alleged.

The journalist further asserted that only the truth shall set a person free.

‘No one is hated more than the one who speaks the truth. I will continue to be an upright man amidst the numerous threats I have received from Kao Denero’s half-bates fans for the past two days. Raining invectives on me will not stop me, threatening to beat me like Madson will not stop me from saying the gospel truth. Building up stories against me is a waste of time as I will never be bothered. Circulating the failed Back to my Root Festival US delegation list has just confirmed that Kao Denero has always included his family members when it comes to travel. Being on the list was rightful because I was serving as a Board Secretary to the Ambassador so I was supposed to be there,” he stated.

Koroma noted that the issue at hand has nothing absolutely to do with Boss La and only a fool will relate it to him.

“I merely unearthed the wrongful things that are been done in the Office of the Entertainment Ambassador. Seeing close associates of Kao Denero relating it to LAJ is a stupid move to cover up for the corrupt practices of the Ambassador,” he stated.

According to him, the office Denero is occupying is a public office so, therefore there should be checks and balances.

“Let the Office of the Ambassador come out with detailed explanations about the issues that I have just raised. Let them explain to the public if my assertions are wrong or right. Kao Denero before this time used to include his ex-girlfriend in all of his trips and programs but in 2023 he refused to do so because they are no longer together, what does that tell you? Was he doing so because she is an entertainer or she is his girlfriend? A public officer who uses his office to improperly confer an advantage on himself or any other person commits an offense,” Koroma claimed.

He further revealed that he had got a call that plans are on the way for him to be arrested and sent to Pademba road Prison for a longer period.

“I refused to be silenced and I refused to be a slave in my own country of origin. If it is the will of God almighty for me to be sent back to jail so be it. My life and security lie in the hands of God!” Koroma concluded.