With Ernest Bai Koroma declaring to lead a jihadist war against persons he describes as “Munku” Politicians within the opposition APC party, the Big Six has dishonorably pulled out from the present internal bickering within the party.

Their latest unprecedented action comes a week after they cowardly declined to make a statement in the presence of Ernest Koroma at the just concluded National Delegates Conference conveyed in Makeni for the adoption of the party’s new constitution though they were fully represented.

In a letter addressed to the National Secretary General of the All People’s Congress, copied to the Chairman and his Deputy, the so called Big Six have said that they do not wish to be part of the Internal Elections Management Committee (TIEMC) or through their proxy.

Big Six recalled that their primary objective was to usher in peace and cohesion among flag bearer aspirants, which they said, does not include serving in the Committee.


They reiterated that they are not a faction of the APC party. Rather, they have worked alongside and within the party structure and will continue this way.

They further stated that their participation in the 21 Man Technical Committee was only as a result of the Court order and that their investments, including time and human resources, was only in support of the party to actualize the adoption of the revised constitution.

“We remain loyal to the ideals of the party,” the signatories to the letter that include Ambassador Alimamy P. Koroma, Hon. Alhaji Ibrahim Kemoh Sesay, Dr. Kaifala Marah, Barrister Abu Bakarr Kalokoh, Major Rtd. Palo Conteh and Dr. Richard Konteh.

Meanwhile, political watchers have opined that the Big Six’s statement of compliance with the ideals of the party may not be unconnected with the Chairman’s statement at the party’s recent National Delegates’ Conference in Makeni to adopt the new constitution.

According to The Satellite Newspaper, Chairman Ernest Bai Koroma in front of all the delegates declared that he had identified the trouble makers.

These, he said, included the Big Six. He vowed to wage a jihad against anybody who refuses to toe the line