Well known magician and celebrity, Baimba Moiforay, popularly known as LAC has cleared the air on accusations about him helping specific Individuals and organizations

World boss has in a video clear the air on the issue of people accusing him of helping a particular set of people

In this video LAC highlighted several points where he state that he is helping Sierra Leoneans and not any specific group, tribe or religion

He also mentioned that he help housemates Salone contestant, Edward Wright  not because he was aspiring for housemate but because of the love he has for all Sierra Leoneans especially those in need.

He discouraged those going around saying he has specific people that he helps, adding that the world Boss cannot please everyone but his main focus is to please God

“I don’t have it all, but my heart is very rich” he states

The world Boss also urge people to open fan clubs and fan base everywhere and promised to surprise his supporters

LAC urge people to love him for who he is and not for his money, and also discourage people, especially ladies from using his photo as their profile pic claiming he is married to them

“My wife is Sierra Leone and for now I’m married to Sierra Leone” he said.

The world Boss throw shades at those asking where he is getting his money from, claiming that people don’t need to ask him where he gets his money from, but should focus on the good he is doing with his money

“Money stops Nonsense” he said

He also promise to award his best fan for the year with a brand new car , whilst  the 2nd will receive a bike and the 3rd a laptop

On his testimony challenge the world Boss reveal that the winner will walk away with Le20millon, whilst  2nd play will walk with Le15million  and 3rd Le 10million

Lastly LAC disclose that all the help he is rendering to people is not coming from him alone , but is also coming from his family and not from any donor or sponsor.