Today, May 11, 2023, marks a historic day for a thousand Okada and Kekeh riders in Sierra Leone as they become landowners through the State Land Raffle Initiative.

The initiative, which was introduced in December 2021 by the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Country Planning, aims to distribute plots of state land in a fair and transparent manner to citizens.

After receiving 2,163 applications from interested Okada and Kekeh riders, the raffle draw will take place today at the Forecourt of Youyi Building in Freetown at 11am.

The event will be broadcasted live on national television and various social media platforms, including the official Facebook page of the Ministry.

To ensure transparency and fairness, the Ministry has invited representatives from the Anti-Corruption Commission, National Assets Commission, Civil Society Groups and Media to witness and monitor the process. This move is expected to promote accountability and fairness, and guarantee that the process is transparent and publicly done.

The public is encouraged to attend the event and participate in the raffle draw. This will help to reinforce the transparency of the process, promote accountability and fairness, and ensure that deserving citizens have a chance to own a piece of land.

It is worth noting that this is the third edition of the State Land Raffle Initiative, and a total of 700 plots have already been allocated fairly to citizens during the first and second rounds of raffle draws.

With the successful implementation of this initiative, the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Country Planning is contributing to the improvement of the living conditions of citizens, particularly those in the transport sector, while simultaneously promoting economic development in Sierra Leone.