Lansana Dumbuya, the National Secretary General of Sierra Leone’s opposition party, All People’s Congress (APC), revealed via Twitter that he has been summoned by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

This follows the publication of a press release on January 11, 2024, where the APC expressed confidence in the innocence of former President Ernest Bai Koroma.

The press release, issued by Dumbuya, asserted the APC’s unwavering support for Koroma amidst treason charges related to an alleged failed coup on November 26, 2023. The document emphasized the party’s stance on the matter and its solidarity with the former president during this challenging time.

Dumbuya’s tweet suggests that the CID has taken an interest in the APC’s public statement and has summoned him for questioning. The nature of the inquiry remains undisclosed, but the timing of the invitation, shortly after the press release, raises questions about potential legal implications for Dumbuya and the APC.

Dumbuya emphasized, “Interesting development, I have just been invited to the CID for issuing out a press statement in support of former President Ernest Bai Koroma.”

The situation underscores the political tension in Sierra Leone and the delicate balance between freedom of expression and legal consequences for political figures. As the National Secretary General, Dumbuya’s involvement in defending Koroma aligns with the party’s position, but it now places him in the spotlight of a legal investigation.

The tweet by Dumbuya adds an element of intrigue to the unfolding events, describing the CID’s move as an “interesting development.” The language used implies a level of surprise or curiosity regarding the authorities’ response to the APC’s public declaration.

As this story develops, it will be crucial to monitor the legal proceedings and the broader political implications for both Lansana Dumbuya and the APC. The case may further illuminate the relationship between political expression and legal accountability in Sierra Leone, shaping the narrative around the opposition party’s stance on the charges against the former president.