Minister of Agriculture and Food Security Musa Henry Kpaka highlighted the importance of the Leecon Hatchery Company in Makeni during his ongoing tour of the northern region to support the Feed Salone initiative.

The Leecon Hatchery is a key player in boosting domestic chick production, with a capacity of producing 10,000 day-old chicks weekly, translating to nearly 5 million chicks annually. Notably, these chicks are sold at a significantly lower price (NLe 18.5 per chick) compared to imported options.

Minister Kpaka’s visit extended beyond the hatchery. He also participated in rice planting activities and encouraged farmers across the north, and indeed the entire country, to do the same.

“We have ploughed over 10,000 hectares of land nationwide, with significant contributions from private farmers and NGOs,” the Minister stated. “My presence here underscores the importance of using viable seeds on these fields.”

Minister Kpaka reaffirmed his commitment to strengthening agricultural production, a crucial element of President Bio’s Feed Salone initiative. He emphasized the vast potential for agriculture across the country and the collective effort needed for success.

“Everyone has a role to play,” Minister Kpaka remarked. “Sierra Leone has an abundance of land that can be cultivated for agricultural purposes.”

The Minister concluded his address with a call to all Sierra Leoneans to embrace agriculture and contribute to the country’s agricultural revolution.