Some Sierra Leoneans have heaped praises on the flagbearer of the main opposition, All People Congress (APC), Samura Kamara’s new outfit in New York.

The images of Kamara donning his new outfit were shared on social media and it was which to become a topic of discussion among Sierra Leoneans.

The 2023 APC Presidential candidate’s critics have stated that he wants to take Sierra Leone back to the 1960s. However, his recent outfit seems to be sending a message that he is not going back but moving with the 21st-century trend.

He was spotted with more casual looks that portray him as a man who knows what to wear and when to wear contrary to his usual official attires.

In a photo that went viral, he wore his outfit with elegance to fit his frame and was praised by his supporters.

Meanwhile, the purpose of Dr. Samura’s Visit to New York is not made to the public, however, sources reveal that Dr. Kamara will meet with  Sierra Leoneans and international partners in the US to shed light on his vision to transform Sierra Leone into a peaceful and prosperous nation. Other sources claim that his visit to New York is about his ongoing New York Chancery Trial.