Sensational Sierra Leonean R&B singer; Mohamed Saccoh popularly known as K-Man has declared that he is making money in the music industry than before. He made this statement during an interview on Inside Salone Facebook page with Rajah.

K-Man was asked how his music business came about. He responded that, he inherited music and it’s part of their gene. He added that, his grate-grandfather was doing music and he was part of the family band as the youngest. K-Man continues saying that, when the family band separated after the members travelled to the United States and Europe, he decided to join a group called Conscious Knowledge with CJ Mark.

Before even joining Conscious knowledge, I was part of a group called Suffix Group which was originated from Kissy Road. Conscious Knowledge came later when we joined Paradise. After the Suffix, we had another group with Sahr Issa called Planet South. I joined two other groups before joining Conscious Knowledge”. He spoke.

He asked for the group that made people to know about him. K-Man responded that, Conscious Knowledge made people to know about him as they did one compilation and an album.

He also asked on how he transited from Conscious knowledge and Paradise Records and released a solo album.

He explained that, when Paradise breakout, they strengthen Conscious Knowledge with YOK 7. He continued saying that, things become hard for them in the group that made them to separate and he travelled to Guinea and worked on his first solo album.

When things were not going, YOK was sent to a training school by his grandfather and CJ Mark was almost sent to a school. But I was having the intention to pursue my music career. That made me to travel to Guinea during the war and did my solo album there”. He stated.

K-Man explained the struggle he went through in Guinea when he went there to record his album. The R&B singer stated that, when he went to Guinea, things were difficult for him until he found a friend who was encouraging him. He said they were covering over 30 miles a day on foot to locate studios. He added that they were walking without money for transport fares, food and studio fee.

When I travelled to Guinea, I became stranded and it was during the war. Things were not normal. I went through a lot. Even food was not available all the time. I was having a friend who has died. He was talented and he was encouraging me. We were walking for over 30 miles to go to the studio for recording because we were not having transport fares not talking of money for the studio fee. We are in Guinea for almost a year, I was unable to record a single song”. He narrated.

As the struggle continues, K-Man said he was hooked up with Silla who was part of Blind Musical Flame Music Group. He said he was the one doing all the domestic work for his wife, buying food stuff from the market, taking children to school and always walk with him since he was blind. He said he did that for one year just for Silla to record one song for him but he never did.

“Fortunately, I saw Silla who was part of Blind Musical Flame. Someone hooked me up with him. I was going to his house, I was the one going to the market for his wife, wash the pans, taking children to school. I did that like for one year just for Silla to record for me one song which he never did. I always accompany him to studio and by cookery for him because he was blind. We were into that for one year and Silla never recorded a song for me”. He spoke

After one year struggle with Silla without making any single music, K-Man explained how he got one beat from Silla after giving him the gown that his mother bought for him and how he abandoned the file in the studio because he was not having money to promote the song.

“I remembered one pray day; my mom sent me a gown because she was in Freetown. When I received this gown, I showed Silla because I was very happy. Silla told me that his father requested for a gown from him and asked me if I can sell it to him. I told him I will not sell the gown but I will give it to him so that he can produce one song for me. When I gave him the gown, he provided a beat for me. He gave me this beat and I went to Prince Castle studio and recorded it. I abandoned the file in the studio because I was not having the money to promote the song”. He explained.

K-Man narrated how he connected with Charles Ostrov in Guinea and recorded the album “Nor Go”.

“Charles Ostrov who I have worked with at Paradise, he was finding a way to travel to Israel and he was in Guinea. He was working in different studios to raise money so that he can buy ticket to travel to Israel. Fortunately, he went to work at Prince Castle studio and he listened to ‘Nor Go’. After listening to the song, he asked who did the song and the guy told him that it is a Sierra Leonean boy that did the song. So, he requested to see me. When they took me to him, we just connected as we have worked at Paradise studio way back. He told me about my potentials and I have a long way to go. He asked if we can do an album together which I accepted because I was not having any choice since there was no money. But Charles himself was not having money as he was trying to raise some money to travel to Israel. All what he had was connection because people were paying him to producing songs for them. He was spending some of the money he was generating to record beats for me. That how we manage to record the album. Charles became stranded in Guinea and he was even taken to police cell for not paying the debt of acheke we have borrowed for over 6 months. There was no money. With the help of so many people, we did the album. He narrated.

Inside Salone asked K-Man if he is a successful musician. He responded that, he is super successful and never regretted of being musician. He added that he doesn’t like rating himself of being the best R&B singer. He said he wants the people to do the rating.

K-Man spoke about the revenue he is generating from music. He said he never thought of making money from music at this time that he is not releasing albums but to his surprise, he is making money now in music than before. He said every year, he makes over 30 shows in Sierra Leone and his shows are always successful. “I never thought of making money in music at this time but I’m making money even more than before. This is because the way you built your image and package yourself before. I am making money in Salone music than ever”.