The management of former Housemate Osman Bendu, popularly known as Mamie Thomas has provided him with a return air ticket to Dubai.

After a successful show and performance by Mamie Thomas, during the housemates, Salone season 3 (The Game get Yagba) his management has decided to provide him with a return air ticket to Dubai to allow him to spend time with his newfound love Lolo Simeon, who he meets during the housemates Salone Season 3.

Lolo Simeon was among the top 6 who made it to the finale and the organizers of the show decided to grant all the top six housemates the opportunity of a return trip to Dubai.

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It has pleased the Management of Osman Bendu popularly known as “Mamie Thomas” to provide him with a return ticket to Dubai from the 26th of July to the 3rd of August 2022 as our gift to him for resounding success in the just concluded Housemates Salone3.

As his Managers, we are also sensitive to his personal life and well-being and we would like him to spend time with his newfound partner in Dubai.

We are kindly asking AYV Entertainment and Africell Sierra Leone to allow him to be part of this trip as all expenses will be borne in by his management. And we are looking forward for him and Lolo Simeon to have shared accommodation in Dubai!!

We hope this will be granted, making our dreams and that of Mamie Thomas a reality.

We appreciate your kind gestures in advance and we are looking forward to hearing from you all soon.

This is a public appeal, transparent, and solely the initiative of Mamie Thomas’s management team!