The Margai Family Descendants’ Union have on the 22nd May, 2023 in a release distant themselves from the decision of their brother joining the main opposition APC.

The Union clearly stated that, the decision of Charles Margai is singularly done by him as he has the right to make decision on his own, maintaining that, the union was not part of such decision and will not be part of it.

Charles Margai has been the leader and chairman for the Peoples Democratic Movement for Change (PMDC) party since 2007.

The release reads:


The Margal Family Descendants’ union wishes to express its disappointment over the declaration of Mr. Charles Francis Margal for the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) political party

In as much as Mr. Charles Francis Margai has the right to make and take his own decision as an elder of the Margai Family Descendants’ Union, the union wishes to inform the general public that it was not part of his decision to join the APC political party. Let it be made known that Mr. Charles Francis Margai took a unilateral decision and 99 percent of the entire union members are disappointed with his decision. The people of Lower Banta Chiefdom, in the Moyamba District, Southern Sierra Leone, are not with him in that regard

In Sierra Leone, the name “Margal is only synonymous to the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) Consequently, any Margai that supports any other political party besides the SLPP, is a misdemeanor. The Union wishes to assure the SLPP and its leadership that its members will remain with the SLPP till death. Also, its members will join President Bio to campaign for a no run-off election in the June 24, 2023 polls

The Union wishes the public to know that since the electioneering process started in August 2022 with the registration of eligible voters, its members have embarked on support mobilization for President Julius Maada Bio. The Union members were at the forefront in Lower Banta Chiefdom, financing, encouraging, mobilizing, and transporting people from their villages to registration centres so as to enable them to register and subsequently vote for President Bio in the June 24, 2023 polls.

The Union reiterates its commitment to the SLPP and its unwavering support to the no run-off campaign for President Julius Maada Bio”