In a bid to promote the Chinese language back home, a China based Sierra Leonean artiste, Mariatu Kargbo  has initiated a Chinese vocabulary learning project in five primary schools.

The project, known as Small-Small Chinese, was started by Mariatu Kargbo, who worked as an artist in China.

At the launch ceremony, she said the project will enable the school pupils to communicate in simple Chinese and find their way successful in society.

“The courses will enable them to speak with Chinese friends and have an advantage when they join formal Chinese lessons later in the Confucius institute or other schools,” she said.

Sierra Leone’s Deputy Minister of Basic and Secondary Education Emily Gogra lauded the initiative and suggested that it should be added to school syllabuses.

“The Chinese language is one of the most spoken languages in the world, it is good that our children are now learning the Chinese language,” she said.

Hu Zhangliang, the Chinese Ambassador to Sierra Leone, described the project as an important channel of Chinese teaching for the five primary schools.

He appreciated the founder for her great efforts in promoting the friendship and mutual understanding between China and Sierra Leone.

“With a good command of the Chinese language, one would find it easier not only to appreciate China’s profound history, current development, and promising future, but also conduct all other kinds of exchanges with the Chinese people,” he added.

Kargbo popularly known as the Maliya is one of Sierra Leone’s finest representatives and a hope for Africa with vast philanthropically experience. This influential Sierra Leonean female was chosen to be in the biggest award category for contributing to combating COVID-19 in China during a programme chaired by the Chinese President Xi Jinping