Mariatu Kargbo popularly known as Maliya, the Black Pearl of China will release a new Afrobeat single title “Made In China” this week.

Maliya is one of Sierra Leone’s finest representatives and a hope for Africa with vast philanthropically experience. This influential Sierra Leonean female has made tremendous strides in the cultural and entertainment industries.

“Made In China” solo is among dozens of song released by Maliya over the past years.

The song is a way of pointing out to people about the important of China in today’s world. The song which is done in English and Chinese, tells us to check in our daily lives to find that Chinese products are used by people all over the world.

According to Maliya, almost every household have made in china products in one way or the other. Which is an indication that China is playing a vital role in the lives of many.

“No matter if you are rich or poor or from the city or the village,” Mariatu says, “black or white or Chinese, everybody needs Made in China”. The singer says the song came to her as she encountered the label in different places. “I realized this as I travelled around the globe,” she says, “and the song is dedicated to everyone, especially to encourage the Chinese people to continue to make the world a more affordable and easier place to live”.

Mariatu went on to say, she is committed to making music that seeks to recognize contributions made by different people. “I will continue to write songs that share more positive stories about how we are all together in this world and strive for peace between nations and peoples”.


Maliya has worked with the Artist, SMILE (since 2012) – as the only foreign talent at the China’s leading music talent agency. She is the Cultural-Ambassador-at-Large, Republic of Sierra Leone (since 2012) – lead role in Sierra Leonean and African cultural promotions in China. Founder, Smallsmallchinese – learning service for simple Chinese.

Mariatu Kargbo is a Sierra Leonean model and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned as the winner of the 2009 edition of the Miss Sierra Leone pageant.

“Made in China” was produced in China, America, Sierra Leone and Nigeria and features KOKon vocals.

The song will be available across multiple platforms, including Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Weibo, Weixin, and TikTok.