Sierra Leonean US-based rapper, Denis Foray Bundu now known as My Dearest Gift (MDG) song “One Love” has been studied in a college classroom in the United States.

The artist was granted the opportunity by Dr. Judy Kuriansky who is a popular lecturer, newspaper correspondent, and author.

On a social media post, the artist stated that such an experience makes him realize the impact he is creating, adding that the feedbacks of the students in the classroom was amazing and thanked Dr. Judy Kuruansky for the opportunity.

It’s an honor to have my music (One Love) studied in a college classroom. This is when you know you’re creating an impact. I had an opportunity to speak to an incredible class of 30 students whose feedbacks were gratifying. Thank you Dr. Judy Kuriansky for having me. “One Love” 🎼🙏🏾,” MDG posted.

MDG formerly known as Menace Da General (MDG) is a native of Freetown, Sierra Leone, who migrated to the DC Metro area of the United States in the year 2000. MDG has been sharpening his skills and stomping on beats since 2003. He raps in both English and his Native language, Krio.

Growing up, he was exposed to different genres of music from Reggae to rap, and pop which was his favorite. He often imitated his idol and favorite musician of all time, Michael Jackson, whom he claimed is part of the reasons he chose a career in music.

MDG is also a Philanthropist and an advocate for Children’s education and welfare.