The National Emergency Medical Service (NEMS) has last week Thursday donated one ambulance to the Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority (SLRSA).

The donation took place at NEMS Headquarters at
49J Spur Road, Freetown.

The Chief Executive Officer of NEMS, Abdul Wurie, said that NEMS is happy to work with SLRSA to achieve a common goal.

The CEO of NEMS added that the SLRSA is doing excellent work in ensuring that roads are safe for vehicles and pedestrians.

Wurie, however, said he hopes NEMS ambulances would be used for their intended purposes.

The Executive Director of Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority (SLRSA), Smart Senesie expressed his appreciation to the CEO of NEMS for this grand gesture.

Senesie added that the gesture would help in the high-will management program of SLRSA.

The Executive Director further added that it would aid in the process of saving Sierra Leonean lives, especially during critical situations when they are involved in accidents.

He noted that the donation NEMS made to SLRSA is timely because SLRSA had planned their week to be at Mile 91, and the ambulance would aid their mission.

The Director assured that they would continue to collaborate with NEMS and that the intended purpose of the ambulance vehicle would be served.