In continuation with the fight against COVID-19, a team of medics from Italy has discussed the administration of one million Pfizer Vaccines to the people of Sierra Leone commencing with the police and their families.

Addressing the medical team, the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Dr Ambrose Michael Sovula informed that the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) has been very participatory and in the forefront of the fight against COVID-19.

He welcome the idea of getting the entire police and their families vaccinated. Some police officers including himself he said have received two doses while others have received the first dose.

He went on to state that him and others who have received the two doses were ready for the third and final dose which is a booster.

“It has to start here with me at police Headquarters” said the IGP. He appreciated the team for their interest in the police. The medical Director, Roberto Moretti, expressed optimism that the security sector especially the police taking the lead in Vaccinations would give confidence and hope to other members of the public to follow suit.

Sierra Leone he said is better off in the spread of the virus and the fight as compare to other countries in Africa for which they want to be fast. Other members of the team include, G Chiodini, Serigne Diouf and Renato Callisto.