Representing Constituency 038 in Bombali District Parliamentarian Sallieu Osman Sesay has expressed concern over the delay in the presentation of a report on the deaths that occurred in Makeni following clashes between security personnel and the locals over a 1.65 Mega power Watts thermal generator on standby in Makeni that was to be transferred to the Airport host town Lungi.

He stated that the reports will help them in creating Policies in the security sector. The lawmaker emphasized that had the reports been brought to Parliament , they might have helped them understand the reasons or roots causes and identify ways to prevent recurrence, which in return could have aided them to deal with the National Security and Central Intelligence Bill.

Koroma noted that without the reports, they they are left to assume that youths in the various areas mentioned acted lawlessly. He stated that early warning signs are considered to be preventive mechanism for conflicts reiterating that understanding the root cause is vital ” Some youth are victims of circumstance,” said Koroma pointing out that sometimes the youths are blamed for things they have no understanding

Speaking in Parliament on Standing Order 23, on the 18th July 2022. Sesay explained that Parliament formed a committee to investigate the said incident that happened exactly two years ago but noted that the committee has not reported to parliament on the outcome of the investigations. This committee was supposed to have given us a report on the situation or what happened on that day,” said the MP.

He stated that the parents of the seven victims who lost their lives during the killings are still waiting for justice

Member of Parliament for constituency 070 in Port Loko Abdul Karim Koroma on the 19th July 2022 during his debate on the National Security and Central Intelligence Act 2022 appealed to the Speaker for a report on Makeni to be brought to Parliament:

Koroma recalled how he had for the past two years called on the Speaker for a report on the Makeni, Pa demba Road prison deaths, and Tumbo riot stating that the Speaker Promised on several occasions That the reports will be brought to Parliament, but nothing has happened